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About Us

Helping SMB Owners Realize Their Very Own DREAM

Our vision

Small business owners and entrepreneurs fuel the growth of every economy. Armed with limited resources and some big dreams they fight to build businesses, often from scratch. In their quest for success, they find themselves competing with large scale enterprises. They must adjust to the challenging, fast-paced environment disruptive technology is creating. The biggest challenge facing the small business owner in realizing his dream is being able to maintain a digital presence.

10 years ago, in a time where only a few businesses had websites, being digital just meant your phone number was submitted to some online directory. Times have changed. Today, being digital means; having a website, social networking, online campaigning, ecommerce, content marketing, CRM, mobile, etc. – All of this leads to a complex, intricate digital ecosystem, and business owners must adjust accordingly.

For larger corporations, this is a very manageable task, but how can a small business owner with limited budget and time compete? How can the small business owner confront this substantial challenge of growing a digital presence for the business?

This is where Solomoto comes in. Solomoto is all about helping small business owners unlock digital channels to grow their business. From a single dashboard, small business owners can do it all on their own. They can operate efficiently and respond quickly, allowing the small business owner to compete with big enterprises, and grow their business. Solomoto is effective, simple and universal.

The needs of Small and Medium sized business (SMB) owners is not pinned down to one geographical location. We can tell you, it spreads the vast expanse of the globe. In fact, there are more than 300 million SMBs around the world…all of them have the same need. To survive and to grow. It is in this need that we are investing our efforts and resources.

With offices in LATAM, USA, Eastern Europe and Israel, the Solomoto team is already starting to realize their vision. The vision of helping SMB owners realize their very own dream.

Grow digitally, Engage socially,
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