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Who is this product for?
Anyone who runs a business and is looking to boost his revenues can enjoy the benefits of Solomoto. For any industry or business type & size, Solomoto collects all the fundamental tools that a business needs to grow and bridge his activity from the offline to the online world.
Can I try the platform before paying?
Yes. You can create an account completely free and try out all the available tools in the platform.
How can I use Solomoto to gain more clients?
Solomoto brings multiple tools that can help you gain more clients: a very simple website builder to put you on the map online, an eCommerce module, a social community management deck, and simplified wizards to create and launch advertising campaigns in Facebook, Instagram & Google and more. You can maximize the benefit of Solomoto by combining the use of all the tools available, and count the leads or sales collected via Solomoto on your dashboard.
How much does it cost to use Solomoto?
With Solomoto you can pay as you go. Deposit money in your virtual wallet, and use it to purchase services like media or domains, or/and to subscribe to tools like the social community management or website builder from 0,50$ a day. For more information you can visit our pricing page.
What if I want to stop using the platform?
You can stop using the platform at any time by unsubscribing to any tool you have activated.
How can I pay to deposit money in my virtual wallet?
We support payments via all the most popular payment methods in your country: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.
Are advertising costs included in Solomoto subscription costs?
No. Since each business is different, and has different advertising budget needs, Solomoto gives you full flexibility to choose the amount you wish to invest in advertising. To help you speed up the process, we will transfer your advertising budget to advertising providers such as Facebook and Google, and save you the time of paying extra separate bills.
Do I need any expertise to use Solomoto?
No. Solomoto was built thinking of all business owners that cannot afford to hire an expert team member to manage their marketing. All tools are simplified to be intuitive and easy to use from the first time you try.
How much time will I need to spend on Solomoto on average weekly?
Once you have set up the basics of your online presence, such as a website or an online store & social media presence, on average our users spend less than half an hour a week to maintain their business alive and manage their promotion activities and results. If you have no time to set up the fundamentals, Solomoto offers ad hoc packages with very affordable prices to build the business set up. Contact our team to request a quote.
Do you provide any additional agency service for more advanced needs?
Yes. In Solomoto offices we count on a team of experts that provide help & assistance like a small agency would. Prices are tailored to be lower than any agency in your market. Visit the services section in our pricing page.
Will I receive any training on how to use the tools?
Solomoto offers a variety of Webinars to provide training and answer any question in regards to the platform. Additionally you can visit our Youtube channel to find a list of tutorial videos that can help you learn more about our tools.
Can I use Solomoto if I already have a website or online store?
Sure. Solomoto can still help you promote your business and collect leads or sales on your website, and to manage your social communities across different networks.

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